INFRASTRUCTUREAML Consultants designs bridges, roads, wharves and pipelines.

We are registered with Vic Roads for design of bridges and roads.

We also provide designs for temporary structures required for installation of items such as main sewer lines and bridge piles.


We have provided services for:

 •    Bridges - piles, piers and decks

 •    Roads - layout, flexible pavement design and drainage
 •    Wharves - sheet piling, decks on driven piles
 •    Pipelines - Buried and Directional Drilling 


The work comprised detailed design and supervision for:
 •    Retaining walls
 •    Geotechnical integrity
 •    Structures - timber, concrete and steel
 •    Driven and cast piles
 •    Sheet piling
 •    Drainage
                                                                                                                                                                                           •    Pipeline surcharge loads, thrust blocks, pulling forces